w203 Ilumina

Desenhado por Ilse Crawford

Fabricante Wästberg

Product Code W203-2795

IVA Incluído

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Shining in the dark like an illuminated manuscript, w203 Ilumina is our update of the classic library lamp – drawing on innovative lighting technology while personifying our love of materials.

Gentle light

Whether used in the home or the office, w203 Ilumina offers a warm, familiar ambiance and directed light with a clear yet gentle definition. With no visible light source to distract the eye, it allows its owner to fully enjoy the benefits of light.

Shade & base: aluminium/copper
Diffuser: polycarbonate
Reflectors, dimmer knob, internal structure: ABS
Cord length: 180 cm
Operation: Integrated sliding dimmer potentiometer
Light source: COB LED (included)
Life time expectancy: 50,000 h
Luminous flux (light source): 776lm
Luminous efficacy (light source): 132lm/W
Colour temperature (CCT): 2700K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI): ≥ 90
Watt: 6 W
Voltage: 100 – 240 V
Light control: Dimmable


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