Holocene No.3

Desenhado por Jasper Morrison

Fabricante Wästberg

Product Code HOLO-2649

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Fire was bestowed upon mankind by the god Prometheus, unless it was lightning of course.

Humans learned to keep the fire burning and, if need be, to light it again.

Humans owe a great deal to fire.



Fire allowed humans to move down from the trees.

Fire allowed us to keep the cave warm and predators at bay.

Fire allowed us to interact with each other and become social beings.

Fire allowed us to refine weapons, tools and utensils.

Fire allowed us to transform nature for more efficient hunting and farming.

Fire allowed us to cook food – and develop larger brains.

Larger brains enabled even livelier discussions around the fire.



Fire allowed humans to conquer half continents.

Fire enabled the industrialisation of the world.

Industrialisation accelerated ruthless exploitation.

Ruthless exploitation caused greater stress on humans.

Electricity further increased the level of stress, now we could work around the clock.


With flood light lamps in the office ceilings, powerlessness picked up.

The feeling of powerlessness put an end to the lively discussions around the fire.



The once promising period Holocene gave way to Anthropocene and a newly established Swedish lighting company realised that something must be done: A monumental systemic failure prevailed. The personal spheres of man must be restored. Lamps should not eat away at people from above, but spread well-being close to people. Wästberg, as the company was called, collaborated with some of the world’s leading designers to create lamps, as beautiful as technically perfect and energy efficient. Eventually, the rest of the world started to realise the extent of the systemic failure. Also, the cure.



After barely a decade of activity, Wästberg decided to take another step back in history – and launch light sources not requiring electricity. Once again, some of the world’s leading designers were invited. The name of the light sources was clear. Holocene can be seen as a tribute to fire.

Also to man.

Holocene No.3

Candle holder

Material: Brass

Dimensions: W72 x H64 mm

Article number: H030101

Design: Jasper Morrison

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