• Maruni Collection 2018

    The Roundish armchair designed by Naoto Fukasawa is characterized by the backrest, the arm and the seat being in a unified shape. A single piece of laminated plywood has been twisted and bent in three dimensions, and the person sitting in it can feel the nice comfort like they are being enwrapped. The Fugu chair designed by Jasper Morrison is a solid-wood chair that is full of the warmth of the amply used wood. With the cutting technology that is the pride of Maruni Wood Industry, the detail of the curved surface is beautifully and finely expressed. In the popular T&O family, we are adding a bar table and oak wood to the family.

  • Beak Bird

    The unique Beak Birds was originally created by the Danish designer, Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen. Not only was he a pioneer in the field of Nordic lighting design, he was also at home in the carpentry shop, and Beak Birds is the endearing result of the designer’s experimental, creative approach to the world.

  • The Pot chair

    In 1959 Arne Jacobsen created Gryden™ - in English meaning the Pot™ - a light take on an embracive lounge chair and originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The shape is the same as the original design from 1959 - the seat and materials have been improved to meet today's standards for comfort and durability. The Pot comes in an endless variety of fabrics and leathers. It is small yet embracive, it is modern yet timeless and it is an Arne Jacobsen original.

  • Wästberg

    Originally introduced in 2012, the new w127 winked is a developed version of our most award-winning and best-selling task light. A lot of hard work has been put into refining the lamp in some key areas such as mechanics, operation and, of course, lighting. The w127 winked is the result of a progressive collaboration between Westberg, the Berlin-based designer Dirk Winkel and the Germany-Based chemical company BASF. Working with features such as solid and by large extent biologically sourced plastic, highly qualitative and efficient LEDs and micro springs, we spent more than three years developing what we consider to be the most refined task light ever seen.

  • The 48 Series

    When the 48 Chair and the 48 Sofa-Bench are presented at Salone del Mobile, they will be part of a setup named 'The Study of an Art Collector Anno 2018'. The series will be displayed alongside some of the most classic and iconic pieces, such as the Chieftain Chair, the Poet Sofa, the Kaufmann Table and the Panel System. Just as in 1948, the study will embody any art lover's idea of a tactile, colorful and holistic space.

  • FH419 Heritage chair

    The Heritage Chair´s warm and elegant lines bear testimony to Frits Henningsen´s constant pursuit of perfection. With a love for natural materials, he created a chair that is inviting and evokes tranquility, fulfilling the eternal human quest for breathing space in a hectic daily life.

  • Craftsmanship

    The iconic Ribbon by Pierre Paulin is shaped by its metal body, the rubber, the webbing and the canvas. He designed this iconic armchair in 1960. Paulin, who started as a sculptor, would sometimes create his design from folding paper. The task of realizing Paulin's vision lay with the craftsmen at Artifort. One of these craftsmen is master upholsterer Paul Geijselaers from Maastricht. His favourite chair is the Ribbon.



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