Desenhado por Naoto Fukasawa

Fabricante maruni

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The “Hiroshima” series was released in 2008. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, the aim was to create furniture that combines robustness with designs that will remain fresh and vital. The “Hiroshima” series in particular reflects the Japanese aesthetic as applied to wood and the skills that make it possible for this aesthetic to be brought to life in everyday contexts. Products in this series therefore have a natural wood finish with almost no paint or varnish. Chairs and tables with simple, subtle structures that highlight the natural wood used, and which have no restrictions placed on them regarding places in which they are used ─ it is envisaged that they be used everywhere. One may choose either beech or oak. The gentle curve from the back along the arm is very appealing. The roomy seat can be used not only as a dining chair, but as a lounge chair too. The tapering of the sides of the arms, the seat of the chair and the table accentuate the beauty of the light shining on their surfaces.

Loose cover for both of cushion & body.


Beech / Urethane finish, Whitish

Beech / Urethane finish, Mat black

Beech / Urethane finish, Mat white

Oak / Urethane finish, Clear

Oak / Urethane finish, Whitish

Oak / Urethane finish, Natural black

Walnut / Urethane finish, Clear

Walnut / Urethane finish, Light brown



Fabric (M-02) Mix Flano (Japan)

Fabric (M-02) Remix 2 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-02) Bali (Italy)

Fabric (M-02) Saga (Belgium)

Fabric (M-02) MAYA (Italy)

Fabric (M-03) Boy (Denmark)

Fabric (M-03) Field (Denmark)

Fabric (M-04) Hero (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Divina 3 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Divina MD (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Forest Nap (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Tonus 4 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Hallingdal 65 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Steelcut Trio 2 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-07) Cristal Field (Denmark)

Leather (L-01) (Japan)

Leather (L-02) elmosoft (Sweden)

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