Desenhado por Jasper Morrison

Fabricante maruni

Product Code BRUN-2196

IVA Incluído

A sofa made by Maruni should obviously involve wood in the structure. I decided that apart from the loose cushions the frame should be completely in wood except for the mesh below the cushions where a little extra comfort is needed. The sofa gets it’s dynamic appearance from the side structures where the armrest makes bridges across the angled front and back legs, which are held together by the angled seat rail. The sitting comfort is a result of carefully consider seat and backrest angles and seat height. The combination of selected fabric or leather with the ash or oak wood structures gives the sofa a visual freshness.


Oak / Urethane finish, Clear

Oak / Urethane finish, Whitish

Ash / Urethane finish, Clear



Fabric (M-02) Mix Flano (Japan)

Fabric (M-02) Remix 2 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-02) Bali (Italy)

Fabric (M-02) Saga (Belgium)

Fabric (M-02) MAYA (Italy)

Fabric (M-03) Boy (Denmark)

Fabric (M-03) Field (Denmark)

Fabric (M-04) Hero (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Divina 3 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Divina MD (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Forest Nap (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Tonus 4 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Hallingdal 65 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Steelcut Trio 2 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-07) Cristal Field (Denmark)

Leather (L-01) (Japan)

Leather (L-02) elmosoft (Sweden)

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