Desenhado por André Ricard

Fabricante Santa & Cole

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Tatu, Spanish for armadillo, is a friendly mammal with a shell on its back that protects it when it rolls up into a ball. The idea for Tatu was
born on a transoceanic flight; while Ricard was reading about Argentinean wildlife, he observed that the light above his seat did not disturb
his sleeping wife who was sitting next to him. The lamp became a pop-art icon in Europe. Tatu takes us back to carefree days, when
consumer goods came to the European middle classes and their children started a massive aesthetic revolution; from Andy Warhol to The
Beatles to Mary Quant. Everything could be expressed differently.
After nearly 50 years, Santa & Cole reedited this classic with improved lighting features. This flexible lamp consists of three parts that can
rotate independently to adapt its use for a shelf, desk, or bedside table; it could even be used as a wall light (fittings included). Santa &
Cole’s edition of the original Tatu is enhanced by applying LED technology. This makes the light intensity easily adjustable, and the light
source considerably less hot and longer lasting. It also features a moveable converging lens that allows the user to adjust the focal length.

General description:
Gyratory structure manufactured in red or S&C white ABS plastic.
Table or wall lamp.

Adjustable focal length from 30º to 50º.
Adjustable light intensity 0% to 100%.
Dimmer and switch incorporated into the luminaire.
Electric cable length: 2 m / 78.7”.
Approximate weight (unpacked):
2 Kg / 4.4 lb
Technical information:
Light source included (dimmable).
LED module
Rated input wattage:
6 W

Operating current:
350 mA

Colour Temp.:
2.700 K


40.000 h

Luminous flux:
171 lm

Built-in dimmable LED.
Dimmer included.
Energy efficiency class (E.E.C): A++... A.
Lamp suitable only for indoor use.
Always use this light source.
Input voltage: 100 ~ 230 Vac.
(50 Hz / 60 Hz). According to destination.

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