Desenhado por Gert Wingårdh & Sara Helder

Fabricante Zanat

Product Code TATT-2415

IVA Incluído

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Zanat’s popular Tattoo stool designed by Gert Wingårdh and Sara Helder is getting bigger siblings in elegant Tattoo barstools, a medium high one (60cm) and a high one (75cm).  Like their smaller cousins, the Tattoo barstools come in carved and plain versions.  Plain versions have slimmer arch-like leg endings at the top of the stool.  In both versions,  the legs penetrate the stool tops, leaving perfectly joined and attractive cross-like markings. The first two carved versions of the barstools carry a peacock and pheasant tattoos. The stools are stackable and some versions come with a whole in the middle of the stool top for easier handling.

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