Desenhado por Vico Magistretti

Fabricante De Padova

Product Code RAFF-1707

IVA Incluído

For a book you can’t put down, or a long night of cinema. A sofa-refuge, for coddling and cuddling. The seat is deep, the lower back cushion soft, for exceptional comfort. Relaxation par excellence. Raffles has an inborn elegance that's notably English, with that extra touch that can be seen in the smallest details, like the front feet in turned wood, on small wheels. Seated on goosedown cushions, there’s room for the whole family. Once you’re alone, lying down is a must. Impossible to resist.

Armchair, pouf and two or more-seater sofa.
Structure in wood; variable-density polyurethane foam filler lined with polyester wad-ding. Seat cushions filled with goosedown, with expan- ded polyurethane inserts. Lower back cushions in goose- down. Adjustable feet in wal- nut-stained beech, the front ones have swivel castors (with the exception of the model RF/ P3).

Completely removable cover (please see chapter ‘fabrics’ at the end of the price list). The fabric of the lower back cushion must be in the same categorie of the cover choise. N.B. 10% increase will be applied for customer’s fabric in case of fancy fabric.

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