Cone Lamp

Desenhado por Atelier Areti

Fabricante Areti

Product Code CONE-2442

IVA Incluído

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Material and fabrication: Hand spun, powder coated metal and brass joint. Available in black and white. Brass option available.

Powder coated metal, brass joint.
Colour options:
black / white / brass (inside only)
For additional colour options please contact Nord.
Bulb specification:
E14 screw base light bulbs.
Max 40W. Lightbulb not included.

Please note:
Mirrored bulbs reflect a lot of heat back to the lamp holder.
Depending on the space around the lamp holder, the heat might build up above the
recommended temperature, especially if the heat is trapped when moving upwards.
For this reason, the max. wattage indicated does not apply to mirrored bulbs, but to
non mirrored bulbs only.
If mirrored bulbs are desired, only those with a low wattage (such as LEDS) should be used.
The max. wattage for mirrored bulbs is 5 watt LED (equivalent of 40 watt traditional bulb).

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