Desenhado por Cecilie Manz

Fabricante Fritz Hansen

Product Code CARA-2021

IVA Incluído

The CaravaggioTM range of high-gloss pendants was launched in 2005 and instantly emerged as a design icon. The distinctive red cord and polished surface clearly highlight one of the most striking pendant designs of the 2000s. The highly praised design by Cecilie Manz elegantly combines a recognisable shape with a modern expression.

The completely matt finish adds a rare depth and tangibility that embues the pendant with a warm, cosy feel. The delicate black, white and grey tones are carefully balanced and interact elegantly with each other. The tones from 2018 have their roots in nature’s earthy hues: Warm Silk, Archipelago Stone, Dark Sienna and Dark Ultramarine. The discreet tones are timeless and suit virtually all settings.

With CaravaggioTM Opal, Cecilie Manz has combined the characteristic design with a completely different lighting effect. The opal glass shade emits a soft, dimmed light, which is particularly suitable for rooms where a more evocative lighting is required. The lamp is suspended by the three well-known shackles, which here form a raw and masculine contrast to the feminine opal hand- blown glass.

Variant: White, Black, Grey45, Grey25, Warm Silk, Archipelago Stone, Dark Sienna, Dark Ultramarine

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