USM The classic in a new light

The design options with USM Haller and its modular light components are as individual as your wardrobe. Whether it outfits a walk-in closet or functions as a standalone piece in your bedroom or shop, USM makes a good impression when it comes to filing, storing and presenting. Fully customized to your personal needs.
Several independently controlled circuits open unlimited possibilities in lighting design: Gently dimmable from full brightness – for brilliantly orchestrated elegance.
The power supply is revolutionary: It is cable-free. Thanks to refinements of the ball, connector and tube, the power flow is integrated into the furniture structure. The light and USB inserts, which are snapped into place flush with the tube, are practically invisible when turned off. What is intriguing is the variety of uses – the light inserts can illuminate the furniture itself or the room it is in, while the practical USB charger powers mobile devices.
Dimmable, available in
- Warm white 2700 Kelvin
– Cool white 5700 Kelvin
Both with or without the “light at compartment opening” function. (Power draw: 1.5 watt)