Maruni 90th

The HIROSHIMA armchair, a limited model made to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of Maruni Wood Industry, has a beautiful harmony with the plain beech, and the deep blue-green velvet.
This fabric, which was originally developed following an encounter with the fabric production region in Wakayama Prefecture in the 1960s, is still now used with many Maruni chairs.
This beautiful velvet with its long history, combined with the HIROSHIMA chair that was born 10 years ago as a symbol of the new Maruni Wood Industry, is not only beautiful, but also expresses our attitude towards craftsmanship.
Only 90 chairs will be produced worldwide.

We are also announcing a limited edition model of the T1 chair designed by Jasper Morrison in which the steel will have a silver coating.
Only 90 chairs will be produced worldwide.