Wogg 56

Desenhado por Jörg Boner

Fabricante Wogg

Product Code WOGG-2394

IVA Incluído

The idea for this table originates from the tradition of the joiner's craft. The design is plain yet sophisticated. It combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technical and formal demands.  It is made of solid oak, solid ash, or solid walnut. A relatively thin table top, only 28 mm deep, appears to hover above the four legs, which are also made of solid wood. The table can be perfectly complemented by both chair models of the product line WOGG ROYA.

Feet/Table top
Ash raw 092-100
Ash lacquered 092-101*
Ash oiled 092-102*
Ash soaped 092-103*

Oak raw 075-100
Oak lacquered 075-101*
Oak oiled 075-102*
Oak soaped 075-103*

Walnut raw 081-100
Walnut lacquered 081-101*
Walnut oiled 081-102*
Walnut soaped 081-103*

* Surcharge lacquered, oiled, soaped EUR 280,00 EUR excl. VAT
Thickness of table top 30 mm.

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