Wogg 49

Desenhado por Atelier Oï

Fabricante Wogg

Product Code WOGG-2390

IVA Incluído

Together with Atelier Oï a cupboard has been developped, whose outer skin surrounds the body like a shell yet does not get in the way of open doors. The outer skin of the cupboard is made of a single notched aluminium composite board that is extremely flexible and can be wound around bottom and lid without breaking. A guide element with rolls was developed for the cupboard which is not firmly attached but glued on. The corpus is available in Melamine or HPL, black and white and some effectual colours that contrast surprisingly with the white or aluminium outer skin.

Melamine white 361
Melamine black 371
Melamine colored (collection KRONO yellow, orange, coral red) 001*
HPL coloured (collection Argolite uni) 002**

Sliding front
Aluminium composite panel aluminium 116
Aluminium composite panel white 117

* Other colours from the KRONO collection have a surcharge, price on request.
** The choice of the HPL colours has to be discussed with Wogg.
Bottom, top and angles of the sides are always black.
Attention: The wardrobe is supplied fully assembled.
Standard version: without shelves.

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