Wogg 29

Desenhado por Atelier Oï

Fabricante Wogg

Product Code WOGG-2396

IVA Incluído

The main characteristic of this table is its folding mechanism. The high-precision manufacturing of the toggle mechanism ensures smooth folding and unfolding. In addition to the rotational function, it holds the folding leg securely when standing or folded. As with the folding table Ginbande, the table top and legs are independent, i.e. every conceivable table top is possible. In contrast to the folding table Oï, the foot is perpendicular to the outermost edge.

Chrome nickel steel 081

Table top
Particle board HPL black 100-218
Particle board HPL white 100-299
Particle board HPL grey 100-292
Thickness of table top 27 mm, standard angle ABS black

Lightweight board HPL black 200-218
Lightweight board HPL white 200-299
Lightweight board HPL grey 200-292
Thickness of table top 33 mm, standard angle ABS black

Standard corner model round, r = 30 mm
Other completions, sizes, colours and angles possible on request.
Transport trolley available, see page 43.

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