Wogg 10

Desenhado por Adrian Meyer

Fabricante Wogg

Product Code WOGG-2391

IVA Incluído

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The aluminium wall shelf needs neither less nor more – it impresses with its simple wall shelf idea. Like a line along the wall, it becomes a part of the wall itself. It enhances the architecture and acts as an ornament or a wall decoration, offering space for books or home accessories and room to create an individual and creative living ambience. The invisible mounting is based on a wall-mounted rail, on which the wedge-shaped aluminium profile is suspended.

Aluminium anodized natural 013

Side cover
Plastic material black 071

If the ordered length is below 240 cm, prices quoted for the next standard size will apply.
When professionally mounted, we experienced a load capacity of 40 kilos per 1 meter. However, this does not apply to walls made of gypsum and/or cardboard, as these walls are not suited for the attachment of this shelf.
Max. length in one piece = 495 cm
Cable duct black, simple
Cable duct, end-to-end
Mitre cut
Side covers right D35 x H6 / D19 x 3.5
Side covers left D35 x H6 / D19 x 3.5

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