w127 winkel

Desenhado por Dirk Winkel

Fabricante Wästberg

Product Code W127-2389

IVA Incluído

The w127 winkel is the result of a progressive collaboration between Wästberg, the Berlin-based designer Dirk Winkel and the Gemany-based chemical company BASF. Working with features such as solid and by large extent biologically sourced plastic, highly ef cient LEDs and micro gas springs, we spent more than three years developing what we consider to be the most re ned task light ever seen.

The w127 winkel challenges the perception of a material that is known to people as just plastic, going further than the norm, not only in terms of function and looks, but also in terms of the feel and tactility of the material. The aim was a significant impression of substance, of materiality - the design celebrates the actual material as it is, straightforward, solid and honest, with a concept of hiding nothing, but showing its innermost values to the outside. No second skin, no paint coat; the true, bold material in its pure form.

We use a new high performance material that offers the possibility of doing large, solid cross-sections, giving us the desired tactility and technical characteristics. Last but not least, it is based on over 60% biologically sourced and recyclable material from the castor plant. This represents a step ahead by setting the course for producing independently of mineral oil based plastics.

Model - Table lamp — one arm / two arms
Mounting - Base / Clamp / Pin — integrated (cut-out Ø 12mm)
Material - Solid berglass reinforced biopolyamide
Cord length - 200 cm
Light source - Integrated LED — included
Watt - 9W
Lumen - 800
Lumen/W - 89
Color temperature - 3000 K
CRI - > 90
Light source life expectancy - 50.000 h
Light control - IR-dimmer — timer 5 h
Energy class - A+
Packaging dimensions - L54 x W38 x H10 cm (0.02 m3)
Packaging weight - 5 / 2 kg

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