Desenhado por Bengt Källgren

Fabricante ateljé Lyktan

Product Code TIME-2498

IVA Incluído

Bent Källgren’s latest mobile addition to the Time family is set to light up the office and business world. It will illuminate the media and medical world, transforming spaces, both old and new. Since 1969, Bent Käll green has worked with light planning for different types of environment, and in particular public spaces. Bent has been running his own business since 1975 in light planning and design.

Material: Luminaire housing and stand made of extruded aluminium. End caps in cast metal.
Footplate in steel.
Installation: Mounted with our stand.
Connection: Supplied with a 3 m lead and plug.
Standard finish: White textured NCS S0502-Y or Grey textured RAL9006.
Diffuser: Downlight: Microprismatic acrylic glass in combination with BrightView optical film.
Uplight: BrightView film with batwing qualities for extra wide light distribution.
Light distribution: Time table is available with downlight only or both a direct and an indirect light where the distribution of light is 35% down and 65% up.
Light source: Includes Philips Fortimo LED light source, color temperature 3000K or 4000K.
Colour rendering: CRI min. 80 (CRI 90 on request).
Chromaticity tolerance: max 3 SDCM. Lifespan: L80B10 65 000h.
Luminaire with uplight and downlight is also available as standard with Tunable White uplight, adjustable colour temperature between 2700K-6500K.
Driver: Equipped with LED driver Touch and DALI from Philips which regulates the light with amplitude modulation and creates and icier-free light. Light regulation 1-100%. The luminaire is equipped with 2 ballasts/2 DALI addresses.
Light control: Luminaire with uplight and downlight supplied as standard with 2 spring return push buttons for individual on/off and light regulation of uplight and downlight. Luminaire with downlight supplied with 1 spring return push button. Presence and absence detection with the possibility to control the detection area is available on request. We also offer wireless control with uplight for luminaire on request. The luminaire is then supplied with 1 spring return push button for on/off and light regulation of downlight. The luminaire with Tunable white is supplied with wireless control of the uplight and 1 spring return push button for on/off and light regulation of downlight.

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