The Pendant

Desenhado por Hans J. Wegner

Fabricante Pandul

Product Code THE-2276

IVA Incluído

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“The Pendant” is a true classic, designed by Wegner to be height adjustable. A unique construction with a kind of handle as an integrated and attractive part of the design enables the user to pull the lamp up and down without touching the shade.

A master piece in design and craftsmanship. Hand made with the utmost care in every detail from the wet painted aluminium shade to the hanger.

Max.100 W standard incandescent bulb or similar size fluorescent bulb.
Weight 1,8 kg.
Cable lift + lamp = maximum length 2m. Used over a dining table this is suitable for ceiling heights up to a little more than 3m.

Standard colours:
White with metal hanger
Black with metal hanger
Aluminium with black metal hanger

Cable lift:
White Pendant: White cable lift
Black Pendant: Black cable lift
Aluminium Pendant: Black cable lift

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