Desenhado por Børge Mogensen

Fabricante Karl Andersson & Söner

Product Code ØRE-2087

IVA Incluído

Karl Andersson & Söner have been making Øresund since 1955. The original version was in the pine/teak. Just in time for the 50th anniversary in 2005, a limited edition of 50 pc, with a combination of cabinets with sliding doors in wood and chest of drawers, were developed in exactly the original look. The series comprise cabinets with sliding doors in wood and glass, a chest of drawers, a bookcase and a table in veneered blockboard.

The wood is oak with a clear lacquered finish. Choose between three different bases. Halogen light and wall brackets are available as accessories. If the intention is to place the cabinet away from a wall, it is necessary to order a back panel to cover the back of the cabinet. Cabinets are supplied ready assembled excl. base. You can also find table and chairs in the Øresund series. Øresund is at home in a wide variety of domestic and office settings, from classic to functional style or ultra-modern.

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