Desenhado por Anton Björsing

Fabricante Karl Andersson & Söner

Product Code PUDD-1973

IVA Incluído

Puddle (2017) is inspired by splashing water forming a pool. The slight bias and irregularity offers endless possibilities of creating exciting shapes and environments in a square world. Rotate a couple of degrees and experiment with different sizes, colors and materials to see how much difference this makes to the experience. Puddle is perfect for furnishing everything from cafés, hotels, and foyers to lunch rooms, living rooms, schools and waiting rooms.

Puddle is made in three tabletop sizes and heights of 380, 450, 520 and 590 mm. Solid wood tabletop and legs in a choice of oak, birch, ash and in standard stains on ash. The tables also come in standard colors for which the tabletop is made in MDF.

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