Desenhado por Francesco Faccin

Fabricante Astep

Product Code PEPA-2788

IVA Incluído

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Pepa was inspired by a small kitchen tool that can be found on tables in homes and restaurants all over the world: the pepper grinder. As you would hold and twist a pepper grinder to add pepper to a dish, Pepa is held and twisted to add light to your everywhere.

With the warm and familiar feel of solid Ash wood, Pepa is a portable battery-powered luminaire that is inviting to touch and hold. As you rotate the conical reflector of Pepa, the illumination can be finely and smoothly adjusted from off to on, and anywhere in-between. Rotating limitlessly 360º there are two points with precise clicks: one at full brightness and another when off.

Materials - Solid Ash Wood, Stainless Steel

Dimensions - ∅ 206 x 273mm

Weight - 1.40kg

Cable Length - 1500mm

Control - Rotary Dimmer

Light Source - Integrated LED 5W 400lm 2200K

Charging System - USB Cable

Connector - USB Type C

Battery - 6 x AA Rechargeable NiMH 2700mAh Batteries Recommended
Batteries Not Included

Duration - 7hrs

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