Desenhado por Jasna Mujkić

Fabricante Zanat

Product Code OMBR-2413

IVA Incluído

The top of the Ombra Table is constructed by joining together tiny “Penrose Prototiles” in solid walnut. These specific prototiles are named after Sir. Roger Penrose, a famous British mathematician who first investigated them in 1970s. The prototiles have remarkable geometric and visual properties. For one, they are aperiodic, meaning that a shifted copy of the original set of prototiles will never look the same. The pattern does not repeat!

The designer joined the prototiles in the table top in a way to create an abstract tree shade. Ombra Table is made with environment in mid by utilizing small pieces of wood likely to end up as production waste.

Ombra Table was awarded the InteriorInnovation Award in 2012.

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