Desenhado por Finn Juhl

Fabricante House of Finn Juhl

Product Code NYHA-2249

IVA Incluído

Onecollection has re-launched many of Finn Juhl’s simple and beautiful designs from the 1950s which are often combined with shades from Goethe’s color wheel, like the trays in his sideboard or his desk, for instance.

Another fine example from this time is his Nyhavn drop leaf dining table in black linoleum, oil-treated oak, walnut or teak veneer. Its steel legs are manufactured in orange, light blue or black with wooden toes. Special brackets allow for the leaves to be taken off or to hang vertically at both ends.

Walnut, teak, oak veneer or black linoleum.
Painted frame in black, orange or bright blue w/wooden feet.
Table plate with veneer or linoleum w/solid edges.

Size: L 170/278cm x W 85cm x H 72.5cm

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