Model 2065

Desenhado por Gino Sarfatti

Fabricante Astep

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Elegance and lightness are recurrent themes the work of Gino Sarfatti, and Model 2065 is no exception.

In 1949–50 Gino Sarfatti received a few samples of a new material, methacrylate. Methacrylate is stronger and lighter compared to glass, which was the favored material in the lighting industry at the time. The shape of Model 2065 came naturally to Gino Sarfatti once he held the material in his hands. In his last interview with Jean-Francois Grunfeld in 1984, Gino Sarfatti describes his first encounter with methacrylate.

“At the time we knew nothing except that it could be lit. So I took a few colors and put a light bulb inside, that was all.”

Model 2065 consists of a diffuser made of two joined opalescent methacrylate saucers, suspended from the ceiling with a black painted aluminium canopy. The simplicity of the design and lightness of the materials makes for a perceptively weightless luminaire.

The model has been featured in a number of significant interior projects by Italian architects such as Vito Latis and Vittoriano Viganò, and became a widely popular model within the Arteluce Collection.

Suspension Luminaire
Opaline Methacrylate Diffuser, Painted Aluminum Structure
Finish - White Diffuser, Black Structure
∅ 500 x 546 mm
Five E14

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