MK Bookcase

Desenhado por Mogens Koch

Fabricante Carl Hansen

Product Code MK-2544

IVA Incluído

The flexible MK Bookcase System consists of eight different modular units that can be used individually or combined as desired. In it, Koch envisioned a concept so clear in its form and function that it could become quintessential: the Bookcase System for modern homes.

Begun in 1928 and completed in 1932, Koch's solution remains in demand many decades later and has spawned countless reproductions far beyond Denmark's borders - a testament to the timelessness of his thoughtful vision.

Material: solid wood

*Oak has a clearly visible wood structure when painted. Oak is available only in black (NCS S9000-N).

**Plain shelf or shelf with insert.
***Tray is placed freestanding on shelf or with strips. It is only available in oil-treated maple.

Since extra shelves are fitted at the time of production, they must be ordered with the bookcases. Shelves with insert are only available for the narrow bookcase 27.70 cm.

Variations from standard placement must be drawn on the order form for the MK-bookcase system, which can be downloaded from the Proffessional Area at

If the bookcase need to be freestanding, an accompanying plinth should be ordered separately. Please specify if the cabinet should be prepared for wall mounting.

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