Desenhado por Malin Lundmark

Fabricante Karl Andersson & Söner

Product Code LOLL-1971

IVA Incluído

Malin’s inspiration for Lollipop (2014) comes from the classic coffee-cup saucer; here the table itself becomes the “saucer” for your cup. Lollipop provides the ideal setting for a coffee break or wherever and whenever you need a small surface on which to put things. The various components are all based on the form of a circle or a sphere. The outsize ring serves as a handle but also adds to the light-hearted expression of the table.

Use the table as a solitaire or in groups, with or without the ring-shaped handle. Lollipop is easy to move and at home in all sorts of settings – in the living room, next to a favourite armchair, the sofa or the bed. The best stability for the table is on hard floors like parquet, tiles, concrete, plastic mat or similar. Avoid placing the table on soft rugs. The table comes in two heights and the tabletop in two diameters. The foot is in raw cast concrete or finished in a coloured lacquer. The frame is in shiny chrome, gold-coloured or lacquered, with or without a ring. The tabletop comes in solid oak, birch, ash, walnut, standard colors and standard stains on ash.

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