Lightwood cushion

Desenhado por Jasper Morrison

Fabricante maruni

Product Code LIGH-2207

IVA Incluído

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“Like many previous chair projects I have designed the Lightwood Chair is about structure, making use of the unbeatable craftsmanship of Maruni’s wood technology to achieve a light wooden structure. This can be completed with a variety of different solutions for the seat, starting with the lightest, a white mesh, which leaves the structure partially visible, then a woven webbing which reminds us of shaker furniture, except that it’s a synthetic webbing which makes an interesting contrast with the wood, and then the more traditional upholstered seat in fabric or leather, which provide extra comfort and can be removed for cleaning. It’s a contract chair which is equally suitable to the home.”
Jasper Morrison


Maple / Urethane finish, clear

Maple / Urethane finish, natural red

Maple / Urethane finish, natural black

Maple / Urethane finish, mat white

Oak / Urethane finish, Clear

Oak / Urethane finish, Whitish

Ash / Urethane finish, Clear



Fabric (M-02) Mix Flano (Japan)

Fabric (M-02) Remix 2 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-02) Bali (Italy)

Fabric (M-02) Saga (Belgium)

Fabric (M-02) MAYA (Italy)

Fabric (M-03) Boy (Denmark)

Fabric (M-03) Field (Denmark)

Fabric (M-04) Hero (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Divina 3 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Divina MD (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Forest Nap (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Tonus 4 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Hallingdal 65 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-05) Steelcut Trio 2 (Denmark)

Fabric (M-07) Cristal Field (Denmark)

Leather (L-01) (Japan)

Leather (L-02) elmosoft (Sweden)

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