Desenhado por Naoto Fukasawa

Fabricante maruni

Product Code HIRO-2198

IVA Incluído

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For 2009 / Autumn, we would like to introduce more items that will enrich the living space. These new items include an exquisite sideboard, a simple coffee table and new fabric variations which will be matching to the sofa and lounge chair that were announced earlier this year. (All available from Hiroshima) Also, we have a new extendable table added to the dining room items, from both Hiroshima and Traditional Series. This table was produced in response to many requests from our clients.
Maruni Collection will expand its world slowly, by carefully taking the necessary time. We are proud to say that the designer and our technicians spend an enormous amount of time and effort into the respectful manufacturing process. We hope that these new items will again show the comfort and carefulness that we continuously put importance to.


Beech / Urethane finish, Whitish

Oak / Urethane finish, Clear

Oak / Urethane finish, Whitish

Walnut / Urethane finish, Clear

Walnut / Urethane finish, Light brown

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