Grand Prix

Desenhado por Arne Jacobsen

Fabricante Fritz Hansen

Product Code GRAN-2259

IVA Incluído

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To salute the 60th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen's Grand PrixTM chair from 1957 we present the Grand PrixTM table. The original wooden legs in solid oak make up the starting point for the table design that features the same shape and the same level of high quality craftsmanship as the chair. The construction is strong and the lacquered table top in oak veneer secures a resistant surface.

Immerse in the simple design with its round and smooth edges fit for any classic or contemporary dining table setting. In other words, superior crafts- manship, renowned design and an appealing price point is the essence of the Grand Prix table - celebrating 60 years of the Triennale champion, the Grand Prix chair.

The Grand PrixTM table comes in 3 sizes in oak only. The top is made of oak veneer with solid oak edges. The base consists of 4 legs made of solid oak.

Table structure
The Grand PrixTM table comes in three sizes and one wood variant: oak. The three sizes are customised to fit both regular chairs and armchairs, meaning that the middle size for example can accommodate 4 armchairs or 6 chairs.

The base consists of four legs in solid wood, made in the same shape as the Grand Prix chair. Separating it from the original design in 1957, this launch of the table consists of wider legs securing an optimised stability. The stability is enhanced by a steel rail under the table top. The table top is made in oak veneer matching the colour of the base and its round and smooth edges add a soft feel to the design.

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