Eiermann 1

Desenhado por Egon Eiermann

Fabricante Richard Lampert

Product Code EIER-1931

IVA Incluído

Unique and versatile: the original 1953 design by Egon Eiermann, available only from Richard Lampert. A true furniture classic, offering a unique multitude of combination and application options. The minimalist construction features a perfect relation between use of material and stability. Clever detailing and first-class quality. 100% Eiermann. Need a desk? We recommend the original!


Chipboard E1 melamine, white coated with oak edge or white ABS edge 1 mm

Wood core chipboard melamine, white with white edge

Chipboard E1 linoleum "Forbo" black 4023, blue 4146, red 4164, grey 4132, green 4174, each with oak edge opposite face melamine, white

Chipboard E1 laminate "Fenix" 0718 Grigio Londra, 0720 Nero Ingo, edge 1 mm melamine in matching colours opposite face in matching colours

Solid oak, smoked satin lacquer finish

Solid maple, bleached satin lacquer finish

5-layer plywood, solid spruce/fir
finish: transparent lacquer with small amount of white pigment

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