Desenhado por Jasper Morrison

Fabricante Nikari

Product Code DECE-2662

IVA Incluído

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"We talked about the pleasure in making things and the idea of a chair that could be bought in a box and built at home. Considering Nikari's skill in wood work, we worked up the idea of a chair which could be made by following easy instructions. The core of the design is the seat frame which is already assembled, to which the legs and back rest structure are attached with a combination of screwing and glueing. It's a basic but comfortable low chair with a slightly rural character and definite scandinavian influence, the kind of chair you would have in a country house near the fire, though it could work in a city apartment or a hotel lobby just as well."
Designers’ comment

Jasper Morrison & Wataru Kumano


100% linen canvas 
Nude natural tanned leather
Cognac natural tanned leather
Black natural tanned leather

Natural oil mixture
Smoked oak stain (oak)

Width 700 mm
Depth 600 mm
Height 700/380 mm

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