Desenhado por Elio Martinelli

Fabricante Martinelli Luce

Product Code COBR-2876

IVA Incluído

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This lamp is held into a sphere, two horizontal tops separate the reflector from the base. The reflector’s rotatory movement around the central articulation constantly describes new spheres. A sinuous, dynamic and agile shape, like a cobra that swings hypnotized by the music but ready to the spring. It is moulded with one single material, that is to say thermosetting resin, and available in bright colours, white, black or red.

Reading lamp with direct light, made with two resin molded bodies. White, black or red color availables.
The lower body part turns on a steel made base connected with the upper body part by means of a central joint for a 360° rotation.

The interior reflector is made with white painted aluminium.
Available also in different versions Cobra Texture project.

1x12W E27 LED

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