Desenhado por Bertjan Pot

Fabricante Arco

Product Code BUZZ-1512

IVA Incluído

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An archetype with a twist: this chair’s seat by from Bertjan Pot is made of 3D-formed, wafer-thin veneer. The elegant and comfortable seat is supported by an aluminium tubular frame, with the material combination making the chair extremely light. The Buzz is flexible: easy to move, stackable and can be used either around the dining table or in a conference hall. In short, this chair has everything needed to become an Arco classic!

Stackable 8 maximum

* Beech only in white with frame in epoxy fine texture RAL9010 or in black with frame in epoxy fine texture RAL9005 only
** N-lacquer only

Seat: oak or beech* (veneer**)

Frame: epoxy fine texture on aluminum

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