Desenhado por Francesco Rota

Fabricante La Palma

Product Code ADD-1993

IVA Incluído

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Versatility and flexibility. Both for a lounge area in a restaurant or a waiting room, ADD is the perfect synthesis of an innovative way of perceiving an indoor modular system equipped with small tables at different heights. In a mosaic of numberless combinations, the square backrest can be declined in many positions: a construction game that can offer face-to-face compositions, « S » shaped ones or adapted to the existing architectural space. The unit – cm. 59 or cm.45 deep – upholstered with foam and fabric is available in a variety
of bright and refined colours.

System of modular seating and backs with removable upholstery, available in fabric, leather or eco-leather. Frame in aluminium powder coated, with elastic belts. Several accessories in HPL Fenix® enrich the system.

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